BarCode Printers Godex

Godex EZ-1100+
Desktop thermal transfer printer for printing bar codes, text and graphics on labels or continuous media. The printer is designed for use in shops, supermarkets and warehouses. Casing printer is made of impact resistant plastic.
The printer is able to print thermal, thermal transfer method or on the labels, rolls of paper, plastic or fabric materials.
Series printers EZ-1100 – designed to work with all versions of 1C.
Godex EZ-1300+
Desktop Thermal Transfer Printer with high-quality printing. Is also able to produce direct thermal labels of thermal paper. Resource service printhead increased due to the presence of the temperature control circuit head during printing. Casing printer is made of impact resistant plastic. Optionally, the printer delivered a rotary cutter, label dispenser, adapter Ethernet. Built-in 32-bit microprocessor for high performance.
Godex EZ-2200+
Industrial Thermal Transfer Printer for high-speed printing of bar codes, text and graphics on labels or continuous media. Designed for use in warehouses and industries for high-volume label of medium width. Casing and the printing mechanism are made of metal, so that the printer is extremely wear resistant and durable.
The printer can use the ribbon length up to 450 meters, and the type of winding ribbon does not matter: the printer is configured to work with bands like ink out (coloring layer outwards) and with ribbons ink in (coloring layer inside).

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