Thermal printer TREI-P APM (butter packing machine)

Examples of marking

Thermal printer TREI P ARM is a special development of IMPRIMSISTEM company. TREI P ARM is intended for marking products on ARM packaging and filling equipment (butter filling and packing machine). ARM machines pack such products as butter, cheese, chocolate, yeast, ice cream in blocks, etc.

Packing machines of ARM type are designed for filling, brick forming and packaging the cheese mass. ARM is made so that the printer does not fit within packing machine. This problem was usually solved by installing additional shafts on ARM, thus creating a loop in which you could place any printer. There is no need to modify shafts design when installing TREI P APM – the printer is mounted on a place of a standard dating device.

«Trei P ARM” thermal printer is used for contact application 1, 2, 3 – line alphabetic and numeric information on marking surfaces. It can be integrated in production lines, operating in “start-stop” mode. The device is very simple to operate, maintain and repair, with no special knowledge of the staff.

Technical Specifications
Number of lines printed 1-3 lines
Number of characters in one line Up to 10
Matrix size 30mm x 14mm
Print speed Max. 3 imprints per second
Character height 3mm, 4mm
Number of fonts on request
Printing step 2mm – 14mm
Dimensions of the printing device 210mm x 155mm x 70mm
Weight  of the printing device 2,5 kg
Dimensions of control unit 135mm x 110mm x 65mm
Weight of control unit 0,5 kg
Printing mechanism temperature 40°С – 180°С
Power supply 220V, 60W, 50Hz
Ribbon consumption Up to 112500 imprints per roll (one line printing)
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