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FENCE applicators are designed for self-adhesive labels application to the products of any shape, moving along the conveyor at different speeds. FENCE applicators provide side, bottom, and top labeling. Speed synchronization feature ensures accurate labeling regimes variable speed product. This device is intended for use in industrial environments. Labeling device is intended for use in industrial environments and is easily integrated into production lines. Distinctive features of the applicators are exceptional accuracy and quality of labeling and the possibility of non-stop round the clock work in conditions of continuous production. Ideal for rotary automatic machines, and for linear labeling systems, where high speed, application accuracy and reliability are the main requirements.

Advantages printer-applicators «FENCE»:

• reliable mechanics and electronics industrial performance,

• possibility of installing a variety of lines, taking into account the specific features of the problem,

• automatic rewind tape if the tape does not label

• signaling the end of the roll,

• installation of a delay issuing the label

• meter labels

• high accuracy applications, which is provided by a microprocessor and a hybrid stepper motor.

• modular design

• trouble-free operation in demanding production environments,

Technical specifications
Options Description
Label dispenser fixed
Number of programs stored 20
Label feed speed (m/min) up to 30
Маx. label length not limited
Min. label length (mm) 20
Label feed accuracy (+/- mm) 0,5
maximum label height (mm) 100 and more (optional)
Inside roll diameter (mm) 79 (42 on order)
Outside roll diameter (mm) 220 and more (optional)
Power supply 220V/50Hz
Weight 30 kg
Mounting elements and position adjustment - vertically

- horizontally

- by inclination angle

Options - “multi-label” mode (max 20)

- label delay mode

- label counter

- Printer connector

- Production line emergency stop connector

- Applicator emergency stop connector

Options: mode “multi-label” (max 20); delay mode labels, label counter; output to printer, the emergency stop input lines, output warning triangle applicator.

Depending on the objective, «FENCE» applicators can be equipped with:

* Various mounts and adjustments;

* Transparent label sensor;

* Thermal transfer printer or «hot foil printer» for printing on the labels (date, series, batch number, etc.);

* Signaling equipment – specified events light and sound signaling;

* Encoder – synchronizes the speed of the applicator and the speed of the product movement;

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